| The top 5 foods for peak brain performance
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The top 5 foods for peak brain performance

The top 5 foods for peak brain performance

How do brain foods, help with brain performance,mental health, and cognitive function?

With so much focus on physical health these days, people often forget that their diet can play a large part in the state of their mental health and brain performance as well. Often, the two go hand in hand, so foods that serve to improve your physical wellbeing can also boost your cognitive function. The top five foods to eat for peak brain performance are:

  • Salmon – This fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, long known to have a significant impact on a person’s cognitive development and health. Unlike other fish that may contain trace amounts of metals which may be harmful to your health, salmon has a relatively low risk of contamination. In addition to its rich Omega 3 content, salmon’s also an excellent source of protein, which fuels both mind and body.


  • Grass-fed butter – In the past butter was known as a kryptonite food, especially during the low-fat craze. Since then butter has become a staple among peak performers and those wanting to boost cognitive performance. Grass-fed butter contains conjugated linoleic acid, a naturally occurring trans-fatty acid that has protective benefits for the brain. Butter also contains cholesterol, which, despite everything you have heard, is crucial for brain and nervous development.


  • Wild Blueberries – A long-term study done by Bringham Young University and Harvard Medical school discovered that there is a direct relationship between the slowing of cognitive decline and the consumption of blueberries. The flavonoids in blueberries have also been shown to be particularly effective in the areas of intellectual performance, memory and brain performance.


  • Grassfed beef and lamb– The quality of the meat you eat can impact your brain significantly. Grassfed meats are higher in important fatty acids such as Omega 3s and contains healthy fats that are amazing for brain health. It is important to always eat meats that do NOT contain antibiotics, hormones and eat as close to their natural diet as possible.


  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil is a nutritional powerhouse. It contains MCT oil, a medium chain fatty acid that is jet fuel for your brain. Coconut oil also contains saturated fat, which is extremely important for brain health.

Mental health not only hinges on eating these foods, but also staying away from others that may be detrimental to your cognitive function, like processed carbs and refined sugars. It’s true that mental and physical health go hand in hand, and a healthy body will lead to a healthy mind—and vice versa. Moral of the story: eat smart (eat more health fats!), and you’ll be smarter!



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