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About me


Hi, my name is Sarah Owens. I am a Bulletproof Certified Coach, a master practitioner in NLP, world traveler and soon to be Kundalini Yoga instructor. I am also the author of the book “The New Feminine,” you can find that here.

A little about me:

My journey started when I was working in my first job in corporate America. I was absolutely obsessed with being successful and accomplishing the American dream of having a fancy job title and a nice home of my own. I thought success was all that mattered. At one point I was managing my own sales team at a large corporation and making multiple six figures. My ego was constantly telling me to achieve more. I drank red bull, I took unhealthy stimulants such as Adderall to keep my energy levels up and I worked non-stop without lunch breaks. I partied at night as a way to “relax.” I always felt as if I could take care of my health later, I completely ignored the fact that I was running on fumes.


“Then my health crashed…”

I was standing in a morning meeting and my VP was giving his usual motivational speech. I started to see stars and the world went dark. I blacked out and had a seizure. I was sent to the ER and even when I was hooked up to a heart monitor, I kept checking my e-mails, afraid of missing even a minute of work! At that point I knew something had to change. I worked six more months at that job and decided to leave the corporate environment and start a new chapter to find true fulfillment.

Over the past 7 years I have explored human potential, eager to learn what makes us truly happy, healthy and whole. I studied NLP among the gorgeous redwoods in Santa Cruz with Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier. I tried a totally vegan and raw diet (which was an incredible fail for my health). I traveled throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. I discovered the Bulletproof lifestyle and I was hooked. I’ve taken plant medicine, studied yoga, and immersed myself in nature. I received certifications in hypnotherapy and nutrition. I went to a week long intensive neurofeedback program in Seattle – a brain training that has been said to mimic the effects of 40 years of meditation. I was awarded a certification as a Bulletproof Coach. During this journey I have met some absolutely amazing people and have finally discovered the satisfaction, fulfillment and health that I never thought was possible. And the wonderful thing is, I know that I still have a lot more work to do.


Mission statement

Humanity is currently undergoing a massive shift in consciousness. During these volatile times we will feel out of balance and may even succumb to hopelessness and depression.

My mission is to help raise consciousness and to bring YOU back to your true essence. We each have our own innate wisdom and intelligence that we can tap into. There is no guru outside of yourself.

My mission is to help you find that trust within yourself to make the right decisions for you and your family. To learn to just BE and surrender to this moment.